Friday, April 8, 2011

Inventory is OVER!!!!

For many of our students and this librarian, it has been a long week. First off, our 8th graders had TAKS this week. I am sending many good thoughts with their tests, although since I taught many of them last year, I know they did great. Next, the library has been shut down all week due to me having to do inventory. Normally this would happen in the last two weeks of school, but because I am leaving in three weeks I made the decision to work on it this week and get it taken care of. What that meant for our students was no check out...of ANYTHING! But it is now over. Now I am going to be sending many reminders home for lost, overdue, and missing books. Beware!!! Now a little humor to get us through this Friday. Hope you have a great weekend and find a great book to enjoy!

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