Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Reading

I cannot believe it is already almost the last day of school. Between adding to the Lassley household and trying to continue reading, this last month has gone fast. As you are finishing up exams, I challenge each grade to something:

6th grade: This was such a big year for you. You made the transition from elementary to secondary in your classes as well as your literature. Many of you were amazing at what was in the library, how big it was, and the freedom you felt as you took home the books. My challenge to you is to try something new, girls go for that adventure book, and boys try something that might have more emotion to it than you would normally go for.

7th grade: You are moving into the top spot at Stafford. My goal for you is try some nonfiction. Some people find nonfiction boring, but if you find that right topic it can take you to so many new places. Whether it be World War II or a certain president or an animal or creative arts, take a minute to learn something new about what interest you.

8th grade: It has been a joy watching you go from 6th grade through to 8th grade. I had many of you as a teacher, and I have seen all of you grow and I am so proud of you. My challenge to you is two fold. This summer I challenge you to read one classic. In high school you are going to read many of these, but I want you to take a minute to read one just to read it, with no assignments attached. My second challenge to you is in your first week at Lone Star, take a minute to go to the library and meet Mrs. Terry. The Lone Star Library is amazing and you are so blessed to have so much at your fingertips, and Mrs. Terry is going to be there to guide you. YOU NEED TO KNOW HER!!

A Challenge to you all: As you start your summer, I challenge you to read at least five books before you come back in August. Frisco Public Library has a great selection. One of my suggestions is the book above. It is about a boy who has really bad luck, but in the end it takes him on the adventure of a lifetime!

I hope you all have a great summer and HAPPY READING!!
Mrs. Lassley

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