Monday, September 12, 2011

Forget Vampires...Vampire Hunters are what is Cool!

Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising
By Jason Henderson

I know that a lot of us are tired of the hearing and reading about vampires...but what about vampire hunters??? Alex Van Helsing is a great new series by Jason Henderson.

From School Library Journal:
Alex Van Helsing always believed he was a normal teen who just happened to possess a legendary last name. All that changes when he begins to experience strange sensations and is involved in the bizarre death of a student at Frayling Prep. His parents decide to send Alex to Switzerland in order to attend Glenarvon Academy near Lake Geneva. Alex's dreams of a new beginning are shattered when he is attacked by a vampire on his second day. He must now face the realization that his instincts about supernaturals have been right all along and that they do indeed exist. Mr. Sangster, Alex's teacher, reveals to him that the Van Helsings have always been an integral part of the Polidorium, a secret organization of vampire-hunters. The Polidorium is in Lake Geneva to find the Scholomance, a vampire stronghold under the leadership of an ancient vampire known as Icemaker. When the vampires take captive two of Alex's friends, the 14-year-old must take action.

Mrs. Lassley's thoughts
I will tell you I went into this book not really wanting to read it. I am kinda over vampires...but I was pleasantly surprised. Alex is this normal teenager who just does not know why he can do what he does. He has that boy next door quality that anyone can relate to. A MUST READ! (There is a second one.)

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