Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Epitaph Road by David Patneaude

(Disclaimer: This book is not in the Stafford Library yet, but will be soon!)

If you haven't figured this out yet, I am in love with dystopian fiction. I love the idea of taking our future, throwing it in a blender, and seeing what comes out. Epitaph Road does all of those things and more!!

Adults don’t trust him, his potential is limited, and girls brush up close to get a whiff of his smell—yes, Kellen is a boy, and that’s a rare thing. It’s 2097, 30 years after a super virus known as Elisha’s Bear wiped out 97 percent of the planet’s males. The world as run by women is largely free of the aggression that brought earth to the brink, and insemination protocols keep males to a safe 5 percent of the population. Kellen has resigned himself to his humble future when he overhears his mother, a powerful member of the Population Apportionment Council, speaking of a new outbreak heading toward a community of “throwbacks” (loner men) that includes Kellen’s father. With two female friends, Kellen escapes to warn his dad and in the process uncovers the shocking secrets behind Elisha’s Bear. (Book list.)

Mrs. Lassley's Opinion
I find it hard to say how much I like this book because of the amount of death there is in it, but I really did enjoy reading this book. Kellen, Sunday, and Tia are kids that you can relate to, even if you are not in there situation. And with so many new viruses coming at us, (Hello Swine Flu!), this book does not feel that off the mark. I am very excited to get this book as soon as I can!

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