Monday, November 7, 2011

Library News

Library News
There is so much going on in the library right now! I thought I would give you a run down. 

  • Due to so many school events happening over the next couple of weeks, the scooter race has been postponed until after Winter Break. 
  • Jordan Sonnenblick is going to be visiting Stafford Middle School on December 15th. All students will have an opportunity to see him, and if you have a book you can have it signed by him. 
  • I was able to get new books from the Book Fair and from Barnes and Noble. 
  • There is lots of research going on in the library right now. This means that the library cannot have students during class that need the computers. 
  • Keep in mind that I am open from 7:55 to 4:00.
I have been reading like mad due to the amazing books that are out. All you have to do is ask for some suggestions!

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