Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

For such a simple cover, this book has kind of taken my breath away. In a time when this can happen to anyone, it is scary to see it in writing, fiction or not.

Gemma is on vacation with her parents. They are passing through an airport and Gemma sits down in a coffee shop and starts talking with Ty, a mysterious stranger. Next thing she know she is in a bedroom, with nothing out the window except a vast, empty plain. Ty has stolen her away from her family in order to keep her and make her love him.

Sounds like the start of a time filled time of violence, but it actually is not. Ty is not the violent type, although you keep waiting for it to happen. He is just a lonely guy who took a girl for company....sounds so...insane it is almost sane.

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