Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hidden by Helen Frost

I realized last week that I only did one post so I will be doing a few more this week. :-)

Hidden by Helen Frost is a book written from two girls' point of views. Wren, 8, was waiting for her mom in the car when a guy gets in the car and steals it. Hidden away in the back seat, Wren realizes that the guy has taken her to his house and she is trapped in the garage. Darra, also 8, realizes what her dad has done and tries to help Wren escape. Six years later, Darra and Wren meet at a summer camp, instantly knowing who each other are. Can they escape the past??

In Hidden, Helen Frost has created a world of poetry ,(the whole book is in free verse), that shares how two lives were completely thrown off course because of what Darra's dad did. Each girl is having to fight with the feelings of anger and understanding. This is a well written book that is a quick read and many students will be able to relate to. And sometimes, it is not your fault.

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