Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great Things in the Library

Last week I posted 3 book reviews which I was so proud of. But, with a crazy library schedule, I have not had much time to read. (I know that many times it is thought the libraian only reads and checks out books, but that is so not the case.) We have had a couple of blogworthy events have happened that I wanted to share: - The book fair crew is working very hard to create a wonderful book fair. Recently I put the fall book fair crew into a contest to win money for the library. Yesterday I got the phone call that WE WON $500 for "Best Use of a Book Fair Crew". This is really exciting. I work with amazing students and this is just the cherry on top. And I get to get more books for the library!!!! -Overdrive has become a big thing here at Stafford. For the past 6 months Stafford has been at the top of the list for most checkouts on Overdrive. This is amazing. So many students are going to Overdrive to get books to read. I love it!! Just another great thing happening at Stafford Library111 If you are interested in Overdrive, please let me know!

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