Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reading More Than One Book at a Time...Is it a do or don't?

The answer to the question above is a resounding DO!
As of right now I am reading 4 books; one audio, two library, and one Kindle. Many people worry about starting different books because they might get the characters mixed up. That is a possibility, but follow these guide lines and you should be able to enjoy many books:
  • If you can read one using an audio book, please do so. It opens up some great listening.
  • Always choose books with very different story lines. Right now the books I am reading are: 1) about a girl who has to join the band, 2) about vampires, 3) about a world where people start changing, and 4) about a girl in space. Very different, and I am not having to worry about keeping them separate.
  • Try using different formats. Think about your Kindles, Nooks, hardback library books, and Overdrive.
  • If you find yourself get bored with one, try another. If you are still bored with the other book, you do not have to finish reading it. It is not a law that if you start it, you must finish it.
  • Do not try to do too many at a time. This is not a contest. The most I would read at a time is 4 or 5.
  • If you are not enjoying reading more than 1, STOP! Just reading one book is great!

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