Friday, April 27, 2012

To reread or not...that is the question!

So many times I have students who come in, see what I am reading, then say, "But haven't you already read that?!" I proceed to tell them, yes, I did, but I liked it so much that I am rereading it. This is usually met with a stunned silence.

Hi! I am Heather Lassley and I am a rereader! When a book is great, which so many are, they become part of my life. Whether it be like an old friend, a parent, or an adviser, books help shape who I am. Let me give you an example...

Growing up, I was had a love for books, but what solidified my obsession with books, was in middle school. I was a library aide and I needed something to read. After looking around I found Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I fell instantly in love with it and flew through the entire series. When I was done, I was very sad to have to leave the world of the pioneer days, but their impact on me lives on. Every summer I reread the series in order to bring back that feeling.

Today, I am sad to say that I do not have as much time as I wish I had to reread. With so many YA books coming out, I am doing everything I have just to keep up. There is one exception....

I had to reread this because I had this in my hands....

I knew to get back into the messed up future that Divergent created, I had to visit it again. And in the process I met up with old friends from many factions and will maybe learn to be Brave. :-)

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