Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is it about that third book?

After being a librarian for 4 years now, and it amazes me how excited everyone gets about a third book coming out. I think back to Mockingjay, which came out my first year as a librarian. I did not know how to work the book release...how many copies, preorder vs. getting it day of, etc. Now I feel like a veteran.

Allegiant is just one of many endings to amazing trilogies that are coming out, but Allegiant is the most spoken about. Champion, the final book in the Legend triology, comes out on November 5th. Emerald Green, the last of the Ruby Red series, came out last week. I am excited that they are ending so that I can tell students that I have all three in the library. :-)

Now, I have to go read a few endings. I am sure a few tears will fall and I will be sad to see certain stories end, but I am excited about what I have to read in the future.What is great is that my pile of books to read is quite tall right now.

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