Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fallen off the Face of the Earth

Hopefully to my students relief, this post will reaffirm that I did not fall off the Earth, but just went into hibernation for the last month of summer. And since today is the last day of my scheduled vacation, what am I doing during my quiet time...blogging.

Normally I would take a nap during this time, but I have been reading such amazing books lately and have had no outlet to put them down. For this review session I am not going to summarize, just give you my thoughts.

On a side note: I have been reading a lot more than this, but these were my favorites and the last one is a treat. :-)

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is a Lone Star book that I have been putting off. It looked like a book of scary stories so I just waited. BIG MISTAKE! This books was AH-MAZING! So sad it took me so long to read it.

I actually have had an ARC of this book since April, but due to all the books that are in the library that I have been reading, it got put away until this summer. This book blew me away. Based on a murder that the author personally had to deal with, the story goes through what life would be like if you were not the one killed. For a mature audience!!

This is another book that I got as an ARC. If you want a fun read, this is an awesome book. The cover tells it all!

This last book is what I am currently reading. I was able to get an early copy. I absolutely loved this book in the spring. Now that the second one is about to come about and I HAVE COPY, I am thrilled. Cannot wait to blog about it.

So for those of you who are my students, I will see you VERY soon. And for those of you who just periodically stop by, I promise to start blogging more! I have so many books to share.

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